Meet Me.

Crystal Jane.

26. Female. Self Presented.

A: Patent and Maintained by self.

B: RR16-18, SpO2 100%, Bilateral Air Entry. Productive cough ATOR.

C: HR60-80, BP100/60, Cap. refill < 3 sec, Warm and well perfused.

D: GCS 15 and Orientated to TPP by Afternoon, small lac. on R ankle (shaving cut).

E: Recent travel +++ Exposed continually however to infective population masses.

F: Coffee on wake, Peppermint Tea on rest. Intermittent hydration provided by lemon water.

G: I live very close to a Corner Store that sells Coke bottle lollies, let’s ignore this one.



Self confessed Feminist.

Registered Nurse.

AFL player, well I give it a go.

Ex Musical Theatre Performer, graduated AIM 2006.

Ex Telemarketer, David Jones Sales Assistant, Legal Receptionist / Secretary, Bartender.

Now it’s all starting to make sense.


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