Do you know your State? Like really know your State?

Jump straight into it. I’m from NSW, grew up in Campbelltown, C-Unit – no, I don’t know Kerser, moved to Cambewarra, on the South Coast NSW, at 21, then to Nowra, then to Berry and lived there for 5 years fulltime. I moved to Darlinghurst for a year, and now I live part time in Arncliffe and part time in Berry, and have done for almost a year.

I’ve lived and travelled this state extensively; it’s the great state. We have the best beaches, nightlife (it still exists – even with Mike Baird doing his best to kill it), bushland, waterfalls, swimming holes, coastal tracks and rainforests. You don’t need to go far in this state to have a sweet quick trip away, SO GO, and take these driving holiday tips with you.



A Spring night in Katoomba.

Cars: Always take the business car, am I right? 90s or what? Just hop in Dads company car and we’ll head up to Coffs or the weekend. As if you haven’t done this, and as if you won’t do this if you can! 

Petrol: Fill up your petrol ahead of time and watch the petrol prices. In Sydney your best day to fill up is a Tuesday. Work out your area and fill up in preparation. Save up your petrol vouchers and do some Google research to make sure there are outlets where you can use them along the way.

Food: Pack an esky, even if it’s just for water, a bottle of water at a servo is generally $4! Rip off! Map out your food stops. Don’t just charge on through picking up dirty servo sandwiches and sausage rolls! Some service stations charge $6 a sausage roll and $7.50 a sandwich! Pull into a regional town, find a small business with fresh local produce and dig in. You’ll pay less, eat healthier, experience and explore more and inject some money into a regional area. Winning.


Chocolate covered frozen bananas at the Big Banana – Coffs Harbour.

Maps: Map out your drive, and let Google maps keep you on the right track with up to date travel and traffic times. This snuck us through a heap of traffic between Raymond Terrace and Gosford on the Easter Long Weekend – cheering.

Entertainment: CD’s – pahlease! – get on Spotify, make your own playlist, sign up to premium – and you can download your playlist and take it with you so you don’t have to use your data. Alternatively, Podcasts – usually free, and will provide your with hours of entertainment – check out Serial, Conversations with Richard Fiedler, The Message, Women of the Hour with Lena Dunham – you may even learn something.

And Glenn’s favourite – drive when the footy is on. You can listen to your favourite teams play on your drive and get into it! Well I can’t, I need to see it, but he sure as hell can!


On the Captain Cook Highway in FNQ. An actual scenic drive!

Commit: The number one need when embarking on a driving holiday is to commit. Know how long it’s going to take and be expectant of this, and make sure your fellow passengers are on the same page with this too. In the lead up to the trip don’t lie to yourself saying ‘It’s all good it wont take that long!’, instead say, ‘Yeah, it’ll take forever, about 10hours, but that’s ok, we’ll stop at X and X along the way and check them out, I’ll take 4 hours worth of podcasts and fix up my playlist, and just ride it out.’ It’s all about the mindset.


Tamworth from above. This driving holiday took forever.

Any tips you’re willing to share? Comment below! 

> In the next post I’ll share my tips on Holiday Activities <

Stay tuned for updates here and on the ‘gram @crystaljanes_lalaland

CJ x


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