I love Expedia.

Don’t give me crap about Trivago or Agoda being better. I won’t listen and I definitely will not change over. Expedia is where it’s at.

I use Expedia to book my flights and accommodation, both are usually available to purchase at the LOWEST rate possible. Each purchase made on Expedia using the same login is stored in your online account, and with each purchase you gain ‘points’. These ‘points’ eventuate into extra savings. So say you buy Flights return to Cairns for $250, this will unlock even lower rates for your accommodation. Sometimes these savings are $10 total and sometimes $50/night. On our recent SE Asian holiday we unlocked a 50% discount on accommodation at The Ayana Resort in Bali – if you haven’t seen this place Google now!


The Expedia APP is its other selling point. If you don’t already have it – download it NOW. The app remembers your login and stores all of your purchases under the tab ‘My Trips’ in chronological order. With these purchases, it stores all of your travel documents with links to boarding passes etc.! Perfect for unorganized travellers like me! 



I never use the APP to search for flights or accommodation, NEVER. I always search for flights and accommodation on the laptop and ALWAYS clear my web browsing history/caches/cookies after searching if I don’t purchase them. I read somewhere that the websites can store your visit and search and keep the same (or higher) prices for when you return. I don’t know how true this is but it takes literally 1 minute to do, and if that 1-minute saves me 10c I’m happy! I am a wannabe budget traveller. 

I’ve never booked accommodation on Air Bnb, but I have looked into it. The problem with Air Bnb, I have found, is that it is home owner advertised – and with that – priced. The places that I have looked at renting have never justified their price tag. On my most recent trip to Mullumbimby for Bluesfest accommodation in both Byron Bay and Mullumbimby was priced out of this world, and we ended up securing a hotel room at the local pub ‘The Middle Pub’ for less than $80/night. My advice is to check out Expedia, and then compare what you find to the places available on Air Bnb.

Has this helped? What experiences have you had using Expedia and/or Air Bnb? Got a booking site you want me to give a try? Comment and let me know.

> In the next post I’ll share my Accommodation booking rules J <

Stay tuned for updates here and on the ‘gram @crystaljanes_lalaland


CJ x

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