I spent most of it working. Nightshift in the Emergency Department. Let’s just say, watch this space, or should I say Kings Cross ER? I did however manage to squeeze in two gigs, a mini bush walk, a trip to the country and a diy project. Multi-tasking.

Sunday night – Michael Franti and Spearhead at the Enmore Theatre. A year to the day of me first hearing of him. A lovely Mental Health CNC made me listen to Michael Franti driving out to a home visit on my Community Mental Health placement, I’ll be forever thankful for this. He was incredible, such a star and such a gorgeous person. 10426300_10152680495737377_688387876966945988_n

Easter Monday I managed to explore some natural beauty. I’d heard of Belmore Falls in Robertson (The Southern Highlands) via Instagram. It was just as amazing in real life. This spring I will be hiking to the bottom of this waterfall and swimming in it. You heard it here first.IMG_6289IMG_6352IMG_6347

After the detour, we arrived home in Berry. You would thinking living in the ‘country’ things would never change. Well it had. And for the better. Excited for the future.


In the country there is always time for a little DIY project. I had been wanting to paint and repot most of my cactus/succulent garden for about 3 months. I finally had the energy to tackle it. And I’m glad I did! The results surpassed my expectations!

11074322_10152681150352377_4570031257860440833_n20330_10152682986952377_869428550974255877_nFinished the weekend tonight at The Gipsy Kings at the Sydney Opera HouseBamboléo. My gorgeous fiancé bought us 2nd row seats for Christmas. It was brilliant.



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