I moved to the city with my DSLR.


It’s nothing fancy. Just a standard Canon DSLR. But I moved to a fancy neighbourhood, Darlinghurst. There’s a gallery on every corner, and the National Art School is one block away. I live in a glorious old house that has been converted into  multiple bedsits with, what at times feels like, 100 other arts students.  Intermittently, wafts of high-quality marijuana seep under my door.

My family has a long history with the area. My Nanna grew up in the area, attending Darlinghurst Primary School and Rose Bay High School. My Pop grew up on the beach at Bondi and attended Sydney Boys High School. My Grandparents first lived together in an Art Deco apartment in Edgecliff. My Pop worked as a rent collector around the Darlinghurst area. The area was then ‘the slums’  and the infamous Kate Leigh and Tilly Devine were two tenants he had the pleasure of dealing with. My Nanna worked in the lingerie department at Mark Foy’s. She tells me that before my Pop she was a regular at the Sydney Trocadero Dance and Concert Hall.

My Mum, also a Registered Nurse, trained at St Vincent’s Hospital in the 1980s. Mum was taught by the Nuns and lived in the Hospitals Nurses Quarters. She was on the forefront in the Emergency Department when the HIV / AIDS epidemic first hit Sydney.

I moved to the City from Berry to start my career. I’m a full-time Registered Nurse, so I am no Artist or even Bohemian. I work in the Emergency Department of a busy inner city hospital. Every day I witness illness, death and the differentiating facets of the human condition. I’ve always loved to explore the aesthetics of nature and architecture, but I look forward to exploring the aesthetics of biology, humanity and the human condition.

So, Inspired by my family and friends, co-habitants and my work, what was just a general high-quality ‘family’ camera, will now be used as my procrastination, my compass and my microscope.